Kennedy Said Yes to Her Dress

Kennedy Said Yes to Her Dress. Mobile Image

Dec 01, 2019

"Guys, my wedding dress was the FIRST dress I ever tried on ?"

Okay now for the story hehe I went to Boulevard Bride in Lake STL & knew what I wanted.. I told Lauren (YOURE THE BEST!), my consultant, I wanted something more A Line, with no ruffles on the bottom, and not too much lace.... haha
We were looking through all the dresses in the shop and we probably pulled around 20 or so. I knew I wanted to try on different styles just to see but I really did think I knew what I wanted. We got to the dressing room & she asked which I wanted to try on- I pointed to it and instantly freaked out when I looked in the mirror... it was the one! But how could it be when I had never tried on even ONE dress other than this one?! Every dress I tied on after I compared to the first. Once I got back into my dress I was 1000% sold and so was my family! There was a lovely soul standing close by watching & she walked over to introduce herself as the designer of my gown.. later I was told she is only at the shop 1 time a month. It was meant to be? she only spoke in Russian so her niece translated for me and it was the most special day. She sketched out my veil for me and re-designed a part of the dress to make it custom just for me. She made my dress with love & care and put so much thought and work into it. Im forever grateful for her & for meeting such an incredible, sweet, gentle person!!! Every time I went to Boulevard for a fitting, everyone made me feel so special. I love all the girls that work there (shout out to Jenn for being an incredible + beautiful human) and my designer- Potapenko Yanchenko. I feel so blessed to have had that experience. My dress was everything and more!!!!

THANK YOU Boulevard Bride & Olha Potapenko ??