Meet Our Boulevard Bride: Elena

Meet Our Boulevard Bride: Elena. Mobile Image

Jun 05, 2018

We are so excited to share with you the beautiful wedding of our Boulevard Bride, Elena, and her husband Jon! Elena and Jon were married on July 8, 2017, in St. Augustine, Florida. Their low-key Florida wedding was perfectly captured by Drew Photography.

How Did You and Jon Meet?
"We met through an online dating site, but we realized that we had been going to the same gym and lived within miles of each other for years!"
How Did You Propose?
"Our proposal was definitely unconventional - actually I proposed to him. After three years together, being the proud parents of two fur babies (mastiffs) and owning a mortgage together, I was ready to seal the deal on forever. After I proposed to Jon, we didn't tell our families for a week, picked out engagement rings together, and then surprised them at a dinner the following week."
Where Did You Get Married?
"We wanted our wedding to be super low-key, fun, and budget friendly. So, we were lucky enough to host it at my uncle's beautiful 10+ acre property near St. Augustine, Florida, during our family reunion. We had a short ceremony and then "trashed the dress" by jumping in the pool afterwards. We had a doughnut buffet instead of a traditional wedding cake."
What Was The Theme For Your Wedding?
"Our theme was sort of beachy rustic. We had a lot of whites, tans, and reclaimed wood accents."
Who Did Your Hair And Makeup?
"We had a local hairstylist style our hair, and we all did our own makeup. I practiced my wedding makeup a few weeks before to get the routine down."
Who Took Your Pictures?
"Our pictures were done by the amazing Katrina Drew of Drew Photography. She was absolutely amazing, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a destination wedding in Florida! She's so sassy and vibrant!"
What Is Your Favorite Thing About Each Other?
"My favorite thing about Jon is that he is a perfect team player and leader. He loves to support people around him, and gets happiness from making others happy. I take more risks with him, whether it's trying a new sport or career path, because I know I can count on him. As far as his favorite thing about me . . . it's probably my awesome cooking skills (haha)!"
What Is The Best Part About Being Married?
"Being married is like having your own personal life coach with you at all times - my husband is always cheering me on, encouraging me to take risks, and pushing me to be the best me. Knowing he's always with me on this journey through life gives me a confidence and hope that is unmatched."
What Is Your Favorite Memory From Your Wedding Day?
"My favorite memory from our wedding day is "trashing the dress" and jumping in the pool right after our wedding ceremony. All of our bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents jumped in my uncle's pool after the ceremony - still in our wedding attire."