Our 10 Favorite Wedding Trends of 2019

Our 10 Favorite Wedding Trends of 2019. Mobile Image

Dec 31, 2019

Our Favorite Wedding Trends of 2019

2019 has been such an exciting year for weddings! We've had so many brides and grooms come through our doors and share their special day's with us. Each couple has their own unique personality, and we have had so much fun getting to know them and hear about their wedding plans. This post is a tribute to these couples and the trends that we have seen, loved, and would love to see again.

Mismatched Bridesmaid's Dresses

We help hundreds of brides every year try to find the perfect bridesmaids dress for all of their bridesmaids. Its hard. Everyone has different body types, different styles, and different ideas of what they like and dont like. So, when mismatched bridesmaids dresses became a trend, we were all in! This is the perfect way to make sure that each bridesmaid can wear the dress and/or color that they like best and feel most confident in. This takes so much stress off the bride, the bridesmaids, and the consultant working with your group. The mismatched bridesmaids dresses also add so much depth, dimension, and interest to your wedding photos.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are such a fun addition to your ceremony or reception! Weve seen signs that say Mr. & Mrs., and more personal signs that feature the couples last name or wedding date. Neon signs are the perfect way to showcase a couples fun spirit. You can use them above the head table, in the photo booth, at the bar, or behind the couple while they are saying their vows.

Greenery on Greenery on Greenery

Walking into a wedding or ceremony with greenery is like being transported to another world. It instantly calms and awes all guests. Greenery can be an integral part of any type of wedding. It can be elegant, classic, bohemian, or rustic. You can hang it from the ceilings, use it in your centerpieces, or even use it in your bouquets. No matter what, everyone will love your green thumb!


Geometric Shapes

A wedding trend from 2019 that goes perfectly with greenery is geometric shapes. The strong lines of geometric shapes contrast beautifully with the organic lines of nature. The two balance each other out perfectly. Geometric shapes can be used as place cards, centerpieces, on invitations or save-the-dates, or on the ties and pocket squares that the groom and groomsmen wear.

Specialty Food and Drink Bars

We all love it when we walk into a wedding and see an open bar and fantastic food. Its even better when the bar or buffet is curated to the couples favorite drinks or food. Weve seen macaroni & cheese bars, nacho bars, donut walls, tequila stations, wine bars, Imos Pizza instead of cake, and so much more. This is such an easy way to share your favorite food or drinks with your guests!



No, you have not stepped into a time machine velvet is back, and it is B I G. Velvet has such an elegant feel to it, but also works so well with boho chic weddings. Think cathedral or middle of the woods. You can go all out and put your bridesmaids in velvet dresses and your groom and groomsmen in velvet suits; or you can keep it simple and wear velvet shoes or put a velvet sash around your bouquets. Velvet can even be taken into your décor. It looks great when used as a table runner or tablecloths.

Non-Traditional Bouquets

Thanks to Facebook and other social media sites, this is probably the most talked about trend of 2019. Brides and bridesmaids have gone viral from using stray puppies, cotton candy, vintage broaches, wooden flowers, and even tambourines. We think this is such a fun idea that will make your wedding stand out from the instant the first bridesmaid walks down the aisle. The possibilities are really endless!


Unplugged Ceremonies

This is our favorite trend, and the trend we want to see continue forever. Unplugged ceremonies mean no phones or cameras, or iPads allowed. The only person allowed to photograph the wedding is the wedding photographer. Everyone else is forced to be present and enjoy the moment and wedding ceremony without worrying about taking photos to post to social media.

Drone Photos

The future is here and we hope it never leaves. Seriously though, how cool are drone photos?! Theyre such a great way to get a photo of your entire wedding party, all your guests, your venue, and your ceremony. We think everyone should get at least one drone photo!


Bridal Sneakers

Well be the first ones to say it why the heck did it take so long for this to be a widely accepted trend?! Who wants to wear heels all day long? Even the most comfortable heels will hurt after youve been standing for hours and hours on end. You can keep it casual with Keds or Converse, or dress it up a little more with designer tennis shoes like Chanel.

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