Selecting Your Perfect Mother of the Occasion Gown

As the mother of the occasion, you play a significant role in your child’s love story. You have stood by their side throughout each step of their journey to the altar, offering extraordinary comfort and invaluable advice along the way. When the big day finally arrives, you deserve to wear a dress that symbolizes just that. Here is a guide to selecting the perfect mother of the occasion gown for your loved ones’ wedding, and from the entire team at Boulevard Bride, congratulations on your newest addition to the family!


Start Early



At Boulevard Bride, we believe it is best to begin your shopping journey sooner rather than later. Finding your perfect dress will require patience, thoughtfulness, and some extra time for alterations. As such, we recommend having your gown selected at least 6-9 months prior to the ceremony to prevent any last-minute delays or hiccups from adding any stress to the occasion. 


Dress for YOU



The best mother of the bride or groom gown is one that you look and feel like your most beautiful, confident, and radiant self in! Our boutique offers an abundance of breathtaking options and an endless variety of lengths, designs, and silhouettes, inviting each and every mother to find the one with ease. Shop for gowns that highlight your favorite personal features, use your favorite colors, and show off your unique tastes! 


Dress for the Occasion


While ensuring that your personal preferences take center stage in your shopping journey, the setting and theme of your child’s wedding can help determine many aspects of your gown, as well. For particularly formal occasions or winter weddings, you will want to lean towards elegant gowns with more coverage, such as floor-length skirts or long sleeves. For outdoor, destination, or summer weddings, casual gowns crafted with lightweight fabrics and breezy designs will be your best friend. 


As a final note, each wedding comes with its own set of expectations. Tradition calls for avoiding flashy hues that may be distracting in pictures, avoiding the bridal party’s color palette, and of course, avoiding bridal white. However, as mentioned before, each wedding comes with its own set of expectations. If you are ever unsure about the gown you are selecting, call on the bride and groom for advice! Nobody sees their wedding day vision quite as they do, and we guarantee that the newly-weds-to-be will be happy to help you feel your best on their special day.

Ready to begin your search? Visit us online to fall in love with our collection of mother of the occasion gowns, and book an appointment at Boulevard Bride to find the one today!