Things You Should Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment

Engagement is an exciting time in your life! There are so many decisions to make, however, that it can be overwhelming. No worries - we're here to help you figure it out! Your first bridal appointment is one of the most important parts of finding your dream gown. Using these tips will help you make the most of it:


Make a Timeline


 Fittings are not included in the creation of an average gown, which usually takes between six and eight months. There is a difference in dress sizes between wedding dresses and street clothes, so you will need to try on sizes you are not used to and have them altered. To ensure the changes are made in a timely manner, give your seamstress at least two months. 


Keep in mind that there really isn’t a need to make multiple appointments! It seems like the more appointments, the more options, but it will become overwhelming. You can definitely find the perfect gown on your first appointment, and if it isn’t exactly right, we can always make changes and get it perfect during the fittings! Please note, return bridal appointments are only done when absolutely necessary and are based on staff availability. 


Make a budget


 A dress can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Before scheduling an appointment, discuss the budget with the person who will be paying for the dress and make sure you are able to apply the required deposit on the day of your first appointment. Your consultant can help you find something within any budget and we are always willing to go the extra step to help find your dream gown. We know how heartbreaking it is to have your heart set on a dress that is out of your price range. This happens a lot, you'd be surprised, which is why we discourage anyone from trying gowns on out of their price point!  

Have Some Fun Creating a Mood Board


 Creating a mood board before searching for your dream dress is a great way to get started. Create a Pinterest board or pre-shop our website to find gowns here in our store so you can see the silhouettes and fabrics to get exactly the right vibe!


It’s Important To Consider Undergarments


 Undergarments can be chosen in any way you like. Your wedding gown may include a cup, so you may not need a bra underneath but underwear is required at all times to be worn. 


We hope that these tips help prepare you for your first appointment! Are you looking for the perfect wedding gown? Book an appointment with us at Boulevard Bride!