Bridesmaid Order and Measurement Form Submission


 Congratulations on being selected as an honored member of a wedding party.  To make the process be as carefree as possible, we have created this form to assist with all the details needed to complete your order.  Prior to completing this form, you will need to have your measurements available.  These can be taken by your local seamstress, a bridal salon in your area or our very popular virtual bridesmaids measurement where we walk you through how to take your own measurements. All you will need is a measuring tape and a measurement buddy to assist. 


Once you have your measurements select your size from the appropriate Designer's Size Charts, located below. Please complete in full and confirm receipt of confirmation message after submitting form. PLEASE NOTE: Once we receive and process the provided information, we will send a payment and signature request via email and text.  Please allow 24-48 hours for this payment request to be sent.  If you do not receive confirmation message, please contact us at 636.561.4030 or