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They have a very large selection of beautiful gowns and formal wear, in every size & style to choose from, and everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They spent a lot of time with me & helped me find my perfect wedding gown, while remaining in my budget. They made me feel confident and welcome through the entire process. Just an overall wonderful experience! I absolutely recommend Boulevard Bride to any bride, or anyone else, male or female, who needs something formal to wear. My bridal party (including my out-of-state girl) is getting their gowns, and my fiance & stepson are going to get their tuxes for our wedding here too. 5 all the way! 😊

Dawn W

This place is awesome! Best experience with customer service I have ever had. Bless these ladies hearts and thank you so much for helping me and my friend find our dresses! We’re so happy with them.

Promise H

I had the BEST experience picking my dress out at Boulevard Bride! Cameryn was amazing and we loved her bubbly personality! She made sure everything was perfect and got us what we needed! Couldn’t thank her enough for everything, my wedding day will be perfect because of her help! ❤️

Abigail D

I had the absolute best time finding MY dress this past Thursday! The buyer was in the store and even helped pick some dresses out for me! No other wedding shop had this great of service. Thank you Boulevard Bride and Sydni. Y’all helped me find the perfect dress for my wedding 👰🏻

Megan B

Excellent service. The manager hooked us up. Helped us pick the colors and all the tux configurations. Everything turned out perfect and all tuxes fit just right!

Korey T

I had such an amazing experience at this bridal salon! Everyone that works there was so incredibly helpful and sweet. I got my dress, bridal accessories, bridesmaid dresses, and groomsmen ties here. I bought a Potapenko Yanchenko gown and it was stunning. I tried on one of her gowns and she sketched a gown that was similar but more flattering to my figure. She then created the gown from scratch. It was such an amazing experience! Also, I wanted to use my mom's veil but did not want the attached blusher and hat piece. The store's buyer (I am blanking on her name I am so sad to say!) took those off and put the veil on a comb and tea dipped it so it matched the color of my dress. I cann

Amy B

Everyone here is beyond helpful! The staff waits on you hand and foot from the moment you step foot into the door! The place is beautifully decorated and plenty of room for everyone to shop or sit and wait for others that are shopping. Jen the owner is an amazing person and you feel that from her and her staff while shopping in her beautiful bridal/dress boutique! She made my daughter have so much fun shopping for a dress that she usually dreads doing! Would recommend this place to anyone that needs any kind of formal gown! 

Becky G

Shopping for a wedding dress is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences a woman can have. Of course Boulevard Bride has a fantastic selection of dresses for your budget, but it's the customer service that sets them apart from all the others. From the moment I walked in the door, I could tell there was something different in the atmosphere. It was very warm and inviting, and every person I came in contact with was both professional and courteous. They made me feel as though I was the only person in the shop despite the fact that they were quite busy. I quickly found the perfect dress for me. About a month after my purchase, I took my dress somewhere for alterations. as I put on my dress, I made the mistake of touching the beadwork to the skirt of the gown. I was horrified to see it created a long, noticeable run right down the front of my dress. The alterations woman said that she did not have the ability to correct it. I was absolutely devastated. I took a chance and called Jen at Boulevard Bride. Without hesitation she told me to bring it in, and she would attempt to fix it. Two days later, she called me to let me know that she was successful. She even took the time to steam the entire dress. Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I was, but that's not all. She didn't even charge me for her time and her amazing ninja skills. all she would accept was a thank you and a hug. That is outstanding customer service. I also appreciated that they can have my dress cleaned and preserved for me as well. Ladies, if you want your bridal shopping experience to be both memorable and worry free, I highly recommend Boulevard Bride. They are passionate about making you look amazing on your wedding day, as well as providing next-level service.

Michelle J

Boulevard Bride helped me find my dream dress in one stop. Yes, they were my first and last stop. They’re so fun to work with! I even had my bridesmaids come in and order their dresses through them. Can we talk about their beautiful new shop, gorgeous and oh so perfect. Best experience I’ve ever had at a bridal store.

Kaylee K